What to Expect with the 2017 Ford Heavy Duty Trucks?

What to Expect with the 2017 Ford Heavy Duty Trucks?

Reviews and test drive reports from various writers have started to define what to expect from the 2017 Ford Truck lineup.

First let us discuss the crazy semantics of what a Heavy Duty truck is in regards to the Ford truck lineup. Ford’s Super Duty line is what is referred to as their heavy duty trucks, and it actually includes both heavy-duty and light-duty pickup trucks.

Yes, that is a bit confusing for many, but let us jump right into the nuts and bolts of this topic, that being the new Ford Super Duty lineup is in fact very impressive, many are stating. Some are even claiming that the new Ford Super Duty trucks; the F-250, F-350 and even the F-450 are more capable than the standard F-150 pickup.

Ford Heavy Duty Truck Exterior

Traditionally speaking the F-150 has been known as the “half-ton” pickup truck, it was nicknamed that simply because that was what its haul capacity was. That level of classification for their truck lineup no longer are considered, since even their F-150 pickup is very capable of hauling over a single ton of payload. You can read more about the F-150 capabilities at Sheridan Ford of Wilmington DE.

Ford Truck Interior

Many automotive writers when expressing their experience with the new Super Duty trucks can be best defined as anxious. One writer described the techs and specs of these new Ford trucks as “downright ridiculous”. On the other end, some writers have acknowledged Ford’s great improvement with introducing a whole new variety of interior gadgets, not just for safety, but other valuable driver-assisting equipment, because operating a large truck can be quite the challenge in tight areas.

If you want to learn more about what it was like to drive one of the new Ford Trucks, you can ask Andrew Collins from TruckYeah!

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