40 Year Anniversary of the Dodge Aspen

40 Year Anniversary of the Dodge Aspen

Once a rewarded compact vehicle, now a forgotten entity 40 years later.

The Dodge Aspen, or the Dodge Aspen coupe was a popular compact by Chrysler Corporation in the mid to late 1970s. When the Aspen and its twin the Plymouth Volare were introduced they were described as intermediate vehicles, or what we now refer to as compact cars.

Dodge-Aspen InteriorImage via Wikimedia

The style of the Aspen is quite similar to the older versions of the compact Dodge Dart, which were a bit more aggressive with styling than the current Darts as seen at dealers like Mullahey of California. During early testing and development of the Aspen, Chrysler put it through a serious regiment of wind-tunnel testing to make sure the design of the Aspen fit their aerodynamic expectations, ultimately helping it reach a high level of fuel conservation.

Dodge-Aspen Interior ExteriorImage via Wikimedia

Even though the Aspen was originally designed to be an easy “entry-level” vehicle, with improved fuel-economy for an everyday car owner, this was the 1970s and one thing was certain, there had to be a version that screamed power.
This is where the Aspen R/T couple model came into play. It was a wider vehicle than the standard Aspen. It was smaller than most sports cars of that era, but it was surprisingly quick. It is stated the R/T would have zero to sixty times similar to that of the Camaro Z28 and Corvette L82, two vehicles with 350hp engines, and both designed for power.

The Plymouth version of this was the Volare Road Runner.

The years leading up to 1980 the Plymouth Volare and Dodge Aspen quickly adapted to the styling cues of that era, they became wider, and more aggressive. So here we are 40 years have passed since the first Aspen was introduced, and we reflect on where it has taken us as automotive enthusiasts. Might we ever see the Aspen make a return?

Chances are very unlikely, as it is merely called the Dodge Dart in today’s automotive world.

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