Renault Clio Review

Although they’ve never really released anything which really wows, Renault have had a great record for practical and reliable cars. When it comes to Clios, they obviously like to stick with what they know! This car has been around in different variants for years now, and every owner I’ve talked to has nothing but good things to say about it. Is this all hype out of loyalty to the brand, or is this little runner really that good? Well, it’s time to find out. Here’s our look at the latest version of Renault’s lovable hatchback.

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Five Common Problems Faced By The Average New Driver

Getting into driving is a daunting thing for a lot of people. It takes a while to get used to driving in the way required by the test that driving on the road by yourself feels almost entirely new. That’s why, from teenagers to well-beyond, there are plenty of mistakes made by new drivers. Both on the road and off. We’re going to take a look at just some of these mistakes and see if there’s any way to avoid them. A lot will come with time, but if you want to start remedying your driving right now then read on.

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Pulleys and Belts an Assumed Part of Car Repair

Users of vehicles which were manufactures would have certainly best-known that their d some time back would attest to their cumbersomeness. These vehicles make use of rubber or artificial belts referred to as belts. The thickness of a belt depended on its specific application and style. These belts were usually ribbed at the base for better grip.

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