Future Car Technologies You’ll Be Seeing On The Road Soon

Future Car Technologies You’ll Be Seeing On The Road Soon

For years, consumers have been focused on technological developments that can fit into their pockets: Smartphones have dominated most water cooler conversations about tech over the past decade or so.

For the next decade, that water cooler conversation will likely shift to technology that can fit into a garage.

Cars are quickly becoming the top area of focus for engineers of all kinds, and they’re about to benefit from biometric locks, autonomous driving features, and much more.

Drivers who are concerned with how they’ll access and drive a future automobile should stay updated on the technologies that will most likely become standard additions to cars within the next decade or so.

Top Future Car Technologies We Will See on the Roads

1. Biometric Locks and Driver Access

Over the past several years, car manufacturers have transitioned from keyless entry to “key fob entry.” Instead of featuring traditional buttons to lock and unlock the car, the current generation of key fobs sends a small radio signal to the car and unlocks its doors without driver intervention. This might feel like the bleeding edge of keyless entry technologies, but it’s really only the beginning. One of the most likely tech upgrades for tomorrow’s cars will be the integration of fingerprint readers that allow biometric locking or unlocking.

Future Car TechnologiesImage Credit: Pixabay

The fingerprint sensors destined for door handles everywhere are strikingly similar to the Touch ID and Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader that has made its way to two of the world’s flagship smartphones. Using a small, sapphire fingerprint reader integrated into the driver’s side door, motorists will simply place their finger and wait a moment for the doors to unlock. There will no longer be any need to fear a criminal’s counterfeit key fob or hijacking of radio signals. Cars will instinctively know their owners and respond only to these fingerprints.If you’re in buying mood and seeking for car ready for any season my advice is to read this guide before making final decision.

2. Heads-Up Displays


One major goal of all manufacturers has been to reduce distractions in the cabin and keep drivers focused on the road ahead. This has seen the integration of hands-free Bluetooth technology, smartphone “mirror” displays in the center console area, and built-in iPhone or Android docks. This commitment to distraction-free driving is about to take a major leap forward with the integration of heads-up displays into most cars. Today, the technology is already available in luxury models from BMW and Mercedes. Rather than displaying speed limit and car notification information in the traditional dashboard area, the HUD displays that information right on the windshield itself.

Future implementations of HUD technology will go beyond speed limit information and maintenance alerts. The HUD will be able to warn drivers about low traction, challenging weather conditions ahead, GPS directions, and accident risks that await around the next bend. Because drivers won’t have to look away from the road, this information will inherently keep them safer during even the most challenging commutes.

3. “Find My iPhone” Features for the Car

Apple pioneered the ability to track a phone’s location via GPS, even allowing phone owners to put the device in “lost mode” or to remotely erase its data. This is about to become a mainstream feature addition to next-generation automobiles. OnStar already allows for remote tracking of stolen automobiles, which has helped owners of General Motors vehicles recover their stolen property more effectively.

Car GPSImage by Pixabay

Look for similar features to come standard in virtually every major brand on the market. In addition to remote tracking, next-generation technologies will allow for remote ignition prevention and erasure of the consumer’s sensitive information from the car. The car will also be able to broadcast its location to local law enforcement offices, allowing for its interception more easily.

4. In-Car Personalized Advertising

It was perhaps only a matter of time before major Internet companies found a way to leverage the prospect of a fully Internet-connected car. One of the most promising developments, at least for those in marketing and advertising, is the ability to customize a consumer’s advertising content based on their driving habits, their current or future locations, and where they stop for food, gas, groceries, and recreation. Expect Internet companies to tout these ads as an enhancement to driver convenience, delivering deals on products they already want and restaurants that they already plan to visit.

5. Self-Driving Automobiles

Perhaps the biggest feature addition to tomorrow’s cars is the ability to sit back and relax while the vehicle pilots itself down the highway. Major automakers like Volkswagen and BMW have already conducted trials, and industry experts expect the technology to go mainstream around 2020. Initial technologies are quite limited, and may allow for autonomous driving only in limited circumstances.

Self-Driving AutomobilesImage by: Flickr

Some companies are working on highway-friendly autonomous driving technologies, while others are focused on making stop-and-go traffic the prime environment for a self-driving car. As the technology matures, however, it should eventually allow for driverless commutes on the highway, on back roads, and in any kind of traffic.

Promising Innovations Will Transform Driving

Driving is about to get the smartphone treatment. From fingerprint sensors to targeted advertising and autonomous features, drivers will soon notice that it’s much easier and more convenient to take a longer drive or handle the morning commute. Over time, these technologies may allow for safer, more consistent, and less stressful driving no matter the weather or traffic conditions ahead.

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