The Audi A3 – A Cut Above the Rest

Choosing your next vehicle can sometimes be a difficult task. With such a large number of options available, it can be hard to know what to pick and the last thing you want is to make the wrong decision. What you need to do is trust in a vehicle from a recognised brand, something that can accommodate a variety of needs and come with a choice of options. One such vehicle you should consider is the Audi A3.


Watch Audi S1 Racing against its Corresponding RC Car

You must have seen Audi S1 rally car in action at world championship rallies. Well, let us show you a race that is far more stunning than those. Audi Deutschland has released a video showing Mattias Ekstrom, the two-time DTM champion, taking a sprint against Micha Widmaier, two-time German junior champion.

The Audi S1 is a road and rally car that has earned good reputation in professional racing. Its greatest achievement includes the title of 1985 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb championship. The car is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine boasting 600 horsepower that lets it race from 0 to 100km/h in merely 1.9 seconds.

The short film displays a great race between the Audi S1 driven by Ekstrom, and its RC counterpart driven by Widmaier. The race took place in a rotting environment, where both the cars demonstrated some really cool moves.

Audi Prepares Aggressive Strategies for Electric Vehicle Market

The tough competition in the electric car market is driving Audi crazy especially when American automaker Tesla has managed to make its mark quite comfortably. According to the new reports, Audi is pushing its engineers and designers to come up with an electric crossover that will allow the company to expand its portfolio and take it beyond the mainstream market. In order to do that, Audi has decided to come up with an E-Tron branded electric crossover that will rival Tesla’s Model X.

Apart from that, Audi has also come up with strategies to have an electric version of R8 supercar probably by the end of next year that will put the German automaker in the driver’s seat while plug-in hybrid A3 E-Tron goes out on sale in the market. This will certainly impact Tesla’s sales because Audi will be ready to offer something similar and powerful making its way into the untapped market of electric high performance vehicles.