Ferrari wants to provide steep competition for the McLaren 570S

The rumors about a new, more affordable and highly efficient V-6 Ferrari have been around for more than a year now, and it finally seems like there could be a lot of truth to them. Jonny Lieberman (who also broke the Porsche 911 facelift news) just tweeted the information the other day. The new car could come out in 2019 and bring an affordable yet very effective overall package that could convince many enthusiasts to purchase their first ever Ferrari. (more…)

Hamilton is surprised by Ferrari’s speed

Lewis Hamilton was the first to admit that Ferrari’s speed that the Maranellos showcased during Friday’s practice took him a little bit by surprise.

Although the reigning champion managed to beat Kimi Raikonnen’s time by fourth tenths of a second, he had to acknowledge the progress that the Italian team made since the previous season. “The Ferraris look great, they really do. Surprising to see how close they are this weekend.” – said Hamilton when they asked for his input regarding the Finn’s pace.

This wasn’t Hamilton’s biggest problem however. The difficulties with his power unit persist and the possibility of a forced engine change has already come up. Although he managed to get the top time during the practice, he wasn’t all that satisfied with the gear shifts and thought the car could be even faster without those technical obstacles.

Hamilton thinks that because of those problems, the preparation for the second race of the year wasn’t ideal. “They’ve been pretty heavily compromised. Whenever you lose a session that definitely doesn’t help, as well as half if not more of the second session. The team did an amazing job to re-build the car and I’m very grateful. Just to have got some laps were crucial. Sunday will be hard” – he said.

The Mercedes team started out the season in the best possible way with Hamilton placing 1st and Nico Rosberg 2nd at the opener in Melbourne. The team that won the Formula One World Constructors’ title last season in a landslide (and with a new record) looks primed to repeat in the new season. Many fear that the World Drivers’ Championship could turn out to be a snooze fest, but with Hamilton’s technical problems, the Malaysian GP could turn out to be one of the more exciting races of the season.

Image Credit: Julien/Flickr

Ferrari Unveils The Much Anticipated 488GTB

The highly anticipated Ferrari 488 GTB was unveiled for the first time. Though the model seems to follow California T, the firm insists that the engine is totally new when compared to V8.

The car which will go in production in September has 3.9 litre twin – turbo charged engine producing 660bhp at 8000rpm. At 3000rpm, it produces 560lb ft which is a significant improvement when compared to V8 engine used in 458 Speciale and 458 Italia. (more…)

Ferrari Ready to Bring 488 GTB to Production in September

Taking cues from the much popular Ferrari 458 Italia, the Italian automaker has decided to bring out their new turbocharged vehicle called Ferrari 488 that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The automaker revealed that the car is not just different in terms of technology and under the hood performance, but also in feel and character. The all new Ferrari 488 GTB goes into production this September when Ferrari ends the production for 458 Italia. It will also compete other supercars like LaFerrari and F12 Berlinetta. (more…)