Ferrari wants to provide steep competition for the McLaren 570S

The rumors about a new, more affordable and highly efficient V-6 Ferrari have been around for more than a year now, and it finally seems like there could be a lot of truth to them. Jonny Lieberman (who also broke the Porsche 911 facelift news) just tweeted the information the other day. The new car could come out in 2019 and bring an affordable yet very effective overall package that could convince many enthusiasts to purchase their first ever Ferrari. (more…)

Full Image of McLaren 675LT Supercar Leaked

McLaren is all set to reveal its “long-tailed” beauty, 675LT at the Geneva Motor Show, in March. The supercar supports a dashing set of straight titanium exhaust tips, which take the heat away from its 3.8 litter turbo-charged V8 engine cranking an amazing 666 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. This devilish Super Series car takes its inspiration from the ongoing 650S with improved aerodynamic elements.

McLaren Ready to Unveil 675 LT at the Upcoming Geneva Motor Show

British automaker McLaren has decided to bridge the gap between their two much popular hypercars: the 650S and the P1 with the new McLaren 675 LT. The company revealed that the LT stands for Long Tail and it is a homage to the iconic Long Tail F1 GTR that raced at the 1997 24 Hours Le Mans endurance event. So far McLaren is working on the prototypes, but the automaker has confirmed that the car will debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show and will have a price tag of 400,000 GBP.

TopGear Brings Top Three Supercars Together in a Teaser Trailer

Many of the supercars like Ferrari’s 2014 LaFerrari, 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder and 2014 McLaren P1 have been sold, but they are never really compared side by side in terms of performance. In an attempt to do the same TopGear has gone ahead with a teaser trailer where all the three supercars come together to showcase the under-the-hood power that they possess and which one is the fastest of all.


Special Bespoke Version McLaren 650S Now Available for Sale

McLaren has always been known for introducing some of the rare vehicles like McLaren P1 GTR that offer super performance like McLaren 650S. However, the special bespoke version that has been made by McLaren Special Operations is now available on sale and it certainly looks different from the standard 650S.

Super Rare McLaren 650S MSO For Sale_opt

The special version has this special all black and white theme that makes the car stand out from the regular version. The car is available for $386,000 and it has around 31 miles on the odometer which clearly indicates that the car hasn’t been used much. The car also gets great interiors that only enhances the overall driving experience of this very exclusive version.

Super Rare McLaren 650S MSO For Sale 4_opt

Super Rare McLaren 650S MSO For Sale 3_opt