The Toyota GT 86 – Review

The Toyota GT 86 - Review

We’re used to practical cars from the world’s largest automaker, Toyota. But sometimes manufacturers need a chance to spread their wings. They need to produce a car that can showcase what the company is capable of. With the Toyota GT 86, Toyota is sending a message loud and clear that they aren’t just in the business of making vehicles drop off the kids at school. They’re also in the business of making fantastic driving machines.

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Toyota Corolla 2014

The Toyota Corolla has now been branded as the best selling vehicle in Australia in 2014. This car has claimed top spot honors for the 2nd year in a row followed by Mazda 3, making it a huge success in the automotive industry. During this year, the Corolla managed to hit 43, 735 sales. The Corolla has been able to find a place between the low-end and high-end luxury cars. There have been a number of changes to the newer models which has made the car very popular – the interior and exterior designs are sleek, appealing to most people and the fuel consumption has been very efficient compared to other models. Maybe, this is why most people prefer the Toyota Corolla.

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