Future Car Technologies You’ll Be Seeing On The Road Soon

For years, consumers have been focused on technological developments that can fit into their pockets: Smartphones have dominated most water cooler conversations about tech over the past decade or so.

For the next decade, that water cooler conversation will likely shift to technology that can fit into a garage.

Cars are quickly becoming the top area of focus for engineers of all kinds, and they’re about to benefit from biometric locks, autonomous driving features, and much more. (more…)

Volvo Aiming Autonomous Cars By 2017

Volvo has announced to test autonomous cars with collaboration with Swedish legislators and transport authorities. Peter Mertens, Sr. VP, R&D, Volvo said “We are entering uncharted territory in the field of autonomous driving”. In the first trial there will be 100 cars with very sophisticated driver which can take control any time. Volvo will launch the trilaon normal roads with real time traffic. Erik Coelingh, Volvo technical specialist says that Volvo will leave no room for error for the self-driven car, as they hit the real traffic roads. Volvo is looking for traditional ownership model for autonomous cars.