How to check the oil of car?

How to check the oil of car?

One of the most essential components for the smooth running of the car, is the oil. And, this should be checked at least once in a month so that it can be ensured that enough oil is there, without contamination. The oil is useful in reducing the friction in the engine, and if it is changed regularly, it will be more useful for your car.

1.    Your user manual would inform you the frequency at which you should check the oil in the car.

2.    Now, open the hood of the car carefully, after ensuring that the car’s parking brakes are set.

3.    One of the first steps to check the oil in the car would be to use an oil dip stick. But, before you go about checking the oil with this dip stick, you should make sure that the engine is cold.

Oil dipstickImage Credit: Flickr

4.    Now, insert the dipstick into the pipe. The pipe is usually curved, and is made in such a way that the metal stick can easily bend in the direction of the pipe. Also, the dip stick has certain markings on it, which will indicate the ranges of acceptable oil levels.

oil level checkImage Credit: Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr

5.    Remove the dip stick from the pipe to take a look at the layer of oil on the stick’s end. This will show the condition of the oil, and also the quantity of the oil. Depending upon the observations, you can get the oil changed or added.

Oil chnage of CarImage Credit: Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr

6.    Remember that the oil is not to be added into the tiny tube, in which the dipstick sits. You should check for a screw cap, which will be present on the bigger part of the engine. This will indicate what type of oil should be used for your car. You can unscrew this cap, and put the oil.

7.    Once, you are through with it, you can put the dip stick back to the pipe.

These were the steps to be followed for checking the oil in the car. The oil gets black quite often, even though it does not have any effect on the quality. To check whether the oil needs replacement, you can rub a little oil in between your fingers. If the oil leaves dirty smudges, then, it requires replacement. And, if the oil looks clean, and only needs to be added, you can just go and add some more oil to it.

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