Dodge’s Partnership with Fathead Has Car Fans Screaming with Joy

Dodge’s Partnership with Fathead Has Car Fans Screaming with Joy

Now Dodge Car fans can buy full wall graphics of their favorite Dodge cars.

If you are a Dodge Charger or Challenger fan who has dreamed about creating the ultimate garage, things just become a lot cooler, with the announcement that Dodge and Fathead will be partnering up to come out with a series of full wall designs of some of your favorite Dodge sports cars.

Fathead, a graphics company known for creating action based wall covers, more popularly known for sports related cutouts of football superstars and other known athletes is stepping into an area they haven’t really imagined doing before. They are expected to include floor to ceiling designs for Dodge’s most popular models; the Challenger, Charger and Viper models, much like the ones seen online at Palmer Dodge.

The three prints expected to be available initially will feature the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, Challenger and Charger Scat Packs and of course the Dodge Viper. Dodge fans, like most super fans love to show off their love of the brand, and what better way to decorate a room you can display your love for the brand than a large full wall design of a sharp looking Dodge Viper? We can already start to see grown men decorating their garages with Fathead designs so they match the rest of their Dodge branded collection.

If you are one of these Dodge enthusiasts, and you intend on purchasing one of these Fathead Dodge designs, we would love to see how they look in your room or garage, so feel free to email them to us, and we will be glad to make a fan based post to show off your fanaticism.

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