First Pictures of Jaguar XF released

First Pictures of Jaguar XF released

A week ahead of its official release, Jaguar XF revealed the first look of the fabulous car. The full view of the car can be seen on 24 March when stuntman Jim Dowdall drives it on two wires of 34-mm diameter. Its first public debut is planned to be held at the motor show in New York on 1 April.

The exterior of the new car reveals sharp crease including a finely sculpted bonnet with the distinct power bulge Jaguar is known for. It also has a very pronounced shoulder as well as flared out rear wheel arches.

Surveys have shown that the brand Jaguar isn’t identifiable on the road and hence they are pushing towards making the cars recognisable.  Not a lot has been revealed by the company regarding the specifications of the car but with its four-cylinder 2.0 liter turbodiesel engine, it is expected to be on par with its competitors.

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