GT3 AMG – Star of Mercedes at Geneva Motor Show

GT3 AMG – Star of Mercedes at Geneva Motor Show

AMG GT3 will be the Mercedes versions of GT which will be revealed in the Geneva Motor Show. The cut clear edge is power which is generated from the twin turbo charged 4.0 liter v8 engine which makes the car most powerful. Mercedes also concentrate on the weight and shape of the car for the extra stability and speed. For better mechanical grips the front and rear will be broader.


Tobia Moers, AMG boss at Mercedes said that they are concentrating on high standards when it comes to technology for this version for best in class experience. He also added the GT brand name belongs to other company (i.e. Porsche) and they will find their own. According to Moers car is target for complete package in every vertical like power, suspension, less weight, better aerodynamics etc. Top speed is unlikely to get any considerable boost from the current 193 mph.


Power to weight ratio is expected to get an edge over 312 bhp per tonne of Porche 911 GT3 to 369 bhp per tonne. The weight reduction is expected to be around 80 Kg which will boost power further. The technology altogether is expected to cut down more than 10 second from GT’s Nürburgring lap time which is 7 minutes 30 second. All in all AMG GT3 will be the center of attraction in the Geneva Motor Show.

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