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Where To Purchase The Most High Standard Mustang Wheels

Buying wheels or rims for your Mustang might sound like a complicated task, especially if your vehicle has lots of mods such as suspension upgrades and/or larger brakes. Our goal here is to simplify the process for you. Fortunately Ford runs the same platform for several years at a time, which means much of what we cover applies across several different year models.

The 2005-2009/2010 Mustangs were actually the first ever to increase the oem tire diameter to 27+ inches. Although Ford’s 197 platform stayed with the same generic bolt pattern, its offset did become higher, thus putting aftermarket wheels into a different offset than the previous body style. The 05-09 Mustang generally uses a +24 to +45mm offset. The lowest positive offset that can safely be used on the newer body style is a +24 offset. For 18 inch wheels the most common offsets are +30 to +36mm on an 18X8.5 or 18X9 and +38 to +45mm for an 18X10.

This platform is the most common in today’s Mustang wheel aftermarket wheel industry. These cars have the largest selection of Mustang rims available due to the shear number of them on the streets. When looking for a wheel you for your 94-04 you may want to first ask yourself what your looking for in a wheel. What this means is, do you want ride quality, sporty handling, drag launch wheels or are you strictly after looks. If your ride quality then you will be better off with a 17 inch aftermarket wheel and these will also be better for a car thats built to run for the1/8th or 1/4 mile. The taller sidewall will serve you well if this is the case. If you looking for a tire that is more nimble in the curves and can handle high G-Force curves then 18 inch wheels with a lower profile tire is the best place to be.

By far the best place to purchase your Mustang Wheels is on the internet, there are so many different places offering high standard Mustang wheels you really are spoiled for choice. However you must be careful that you don’t purchase your Mustang wheels are rims with a low quality company, if you go with a low standard firm you may end up with low quality materials and badly manufactured wheels, this won’t be good for your Mustangs maintenance. You must always look to fit your Mustang with high standard parts and materials as lower caliber products will affect other areas of your vehicle and hinder its performance. If you want your Mustang to look stunning and have high quality wheels installed you must find a reputable, professional and experienced Mustang product service to purchase from, this way you won’t run into any nasty surprises in a few months time.

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