The Bitter Truth About the Future of Sports Cars

A world without sports cars! Is that even a possibility? As the times are changing, we are seeing a definite shift in focus: from speed and agility to less dependency on fossil fuels and driverless cars. BMW sales chief Ian Robertson confirmed the phenomena about the future of sports cars in a recent interview to Bloomberg. According to him, the sports car market has pretty much collapsed if post 2008 sales figures are anything to go by. Despite an onslaught of super cars like Audi TT, Mercedes SLK and BMW Z4, sports car sales have halved over the last decade.

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Make Sure You Stay Safe Off-Roading

It doesn’t matter if you are an old hand at going off road with a 4×4, or if you are just about to take your first steps in this exciting direction. Understanding how to keep yourself, your passengers and your car safe is important.

We have put together some safety tips for you, to help keep offroading the huge amount of fun it is meant to be.

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How Best to Avoid Car Depreciation

The depreciation of a vehicle is an unfortunate certainty in car ownership. Regardless of how new or old your car is you won’t avoid its value falling as soon as you start driving around. As frustrating as this is, rather than just let this inevitable process damage your resale value, the sensible option is to do your best to fight back.

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