Volkwagen race app

Volkswagen Introduces Race App to Log and View Performance Data

Automakers like Volkswagen are now focusing on introducing software and apps that go hand in hand with their vehicles. Volkswagen has now come up with their own race app that works with the OBD 2 reader called a LogBox on the 2016 Golf R. This app sends Bluetooth signal allowing users to view recorded performance parameters like acceleration figures, lap time, horsepower, torque, g-force readings, boost pressure and distance covered. (more…)

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Toyota Corolla 2014

The Toyota Corolla has now been branded as the best selling vehicle in Australia in 2014. This car has claimed top spot honors for the 2nd year in a row followed by Mazda 3, making it a huge success in the automotive industry. During this year, the Corolla managed to hit 43, 735 sales. The Corolla has been able to find a place between the low-end and high-end luxury cars. There have been a number of changes to the newer models which has made the car very popular – the interior and exterior designs are sleek, appealing to most people and the fuel consumption has been very efficient compared to other models. Maybe, this is why most people prefer the Toyota Corolla. (more…)

Super Rare McLaren 650S MSO For Sale 2_opt

Special Bespoke Version McLaren 650S Now Available for Sale

McLaren has always been known for introducing some of the rare vehicles like McLaren P1 GTR that offer super performance like McLaren 650S. However, the special bespoke version that has been made by McLaren Special Operations is now available on sale and it certainly looks different from the standard 650S.

Super Rare McLaren 650S MSO For Sale_opt

The special version has this special all black and white theme that makes the car stand out from the regular version. The car is available for $386,000 and it has around 31 miles on the odometer which clearly indicates that the car hasn’t been used much. The car also gets great interiors that only enhances the overall driving experience of this very exclusive version.

Super Rare McLaren 650S MSO For Sale 4_opt

Super Rare McLaren 650S MSO For Sale 3_opt