A New Gasoline Blend

Why Would People Want E15?

Ethanol is about one dollar a gallon cheaper than gasoline. If the entire savings were passed along at the point of sale, diluting gasoline with 15% ethanol would make the resulting blend about five cents per gallon cheaper than the E10 blend of regular gas. With its 15 percent ethanol content, studies show that E15 fuel will reduce gas mileage by only a bit, not enough to erase the benefit of ethanol’s cheaper price. E15 fuel has only recently been certified for sale in this country. (more…)

Five Cars From Yesterday that Car Enthusiasts Still Love Today

The performance and styling of American vehicles have always historically reflected the feelings of the times that they were created and sold in. The really great cars of the 1930s represented beacons of optimism during the Great Depression. The land yachts of the 1950s with elevated tail fins symbolized post-WWII prosperity, and the powerful muscle cars of the 1960s with athletic appearances illustrated the fascination people in the United States were developing with pure performance.  Here we have surveyed some examples of perfectly represented the feeling of the times. We hope you enjoy reading about this really interesting information we have stumbled upon! (more…)