Five Common Problems Faced By The Average New Driver

Getting into driving is a daunting thing for a lot of people. It takes a while to get used to driving in the way required by the test that driving on the road by yourself feels almost entirely new. That’s why, from teenagers to well-beyond, there are plenty of mistakes made by new drivers. Both on the road and off. We’re going to take a look at just some of these mistakes and see if there’s any way to avoid them. A lot will come with time, but if you want to start remedying your driving right now then read on. (more…)


Future Car Technologies You’ll Be Seeing On The Road Soon

For years, consumers have been focused on technological developments that can fit into their pockets: Smartphones have dominated most water cooler conversations about tech over the past decade or so.

For the next decade, that water cooler conversation will likely shift to technology that can fit into a garage.

Cars are quickly becoming the top area of focus for engineers of all kinds, and they’re about to benefit from biometric locks, autonomous driving features, and much more. (more…)


Top 3 Famous Places to Visit with Car Rental in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known as the city of canals and bridges unlike any other place around the world. This means that you can never miss a great site to visit when planning a tour here. It is one of the European cultural centers where you can learn more about the ancient times. If you are planning for a short vacation or holiday, there is plenty to see especially when you book a car rental in Amsterdam that can bring you to various places without much hassle. (more…)


5 Emergency Phone Numbers You Need When Driving

Now, before we begin this post, it’s important to get one thing straight. These numbers can get you out of a fix – but we aren’t advocating using your phone while driving. A Bluetooth set and speaker phone are safer than using your handset, of course. But, any distraction to your driving can lead to danger. So, this guide is more for those moments when you find yourself in a spot of bother. (more…)