Top 3 Famous Places to Visit with Car Rental in Amsterdam

Top 3 Famous Places to Visit with Car Rental in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known as the city of canals and bridges unlike any other place around the world. This means that you can never miss a great site to visit when planning a tour here. It is one of the European cultural centers where you can learn more about the ancient times. If you are planning for a short vacation or holiday, there is plenty to see especially when you book a car rental in Amsterdam that can bring you to various places without much hassle.

Why Use Car Rental in Amsterdam?

You are a foreigner in Netherlands and you will like to visit every beautiful place it has to offer. It is practically impossible to buy your own car and you are just here for a few days. Using taxi service is expensive unlike when you hire a car. Using a bicycle can be a good option but only if you don’t have a heavy backpack or luggage to bring or if you are not travelling with the entire family. Booking a car rental in Amsterdam is a practical option for you. You won’t just be enjoying the most of your money; you’ll also be able to go wherever you go at your own pace such as these places:

1.    The Magere Brug

Amsterdam is a city of bridges as mentioned above and when you have finally alighted from your plane, you should be eager to come face to face with such massive structures. This amazing bridge crosses river Amstel and is often referred to as the double leaf. One interesting thing you will notice is that there will come a time for all drivers who take car rental in Amsterdam to stop for it to allow watercraft to pass underneath. The first bridge of its kind was built in 1670 though the existing one has been made broad to accommodate 21st-century traffic.

2.    The Anne Frank House

Anne Frank together with her friends are known to have used this house as a hiding place to avoid being sent to concentration camps by the Germans. You can get a better story of Anne and her family by visiting this museum which is just within the city center. There are many items which are directly linked to the family that can be found in the house.

3.    The Rijksmuseum

Your visit to Amsterdam can never be complete if you won’t drive to this ancient museum. Even though it has been renovated since the 20th century, you can still view artworks done hundreds of years back. Since you have taken advantage of car rental in Amsterdam you can comfortably drive to this location. You will be able to view artworks by famous Dutch artists and masters.

Well, Amsterdam offers an array of sites and arts to view which you can’t complete to explore unless you are here to stay.

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