The Toyota GT 86 – Review

The Toyota GT 86 – Review

We’re used to practical cars from the world’s largest automaker, Toyota. But sometimes manufacturers need a chance to spread their wings. They need to produce a car that can showcase what the company is capable of. With the Toyota GT 86, Toyota is sending a message loud and clear that they aren’t just in the business of making vehicles drop off the kids at school. They’re also in the business of making fantastic driving machines.

With their Japanese rivals pumping out high-performance cars on a regular basis, we’re keen to find out what Toyota has up its sleeve with the GT 86.

In many ways, the GT 86 is an unusual breed of sports car. It has no turbo. It’s not four wheel drive, and it’s tyres are narrow. So the question that most people have is whether this really is a modern sports car at all.
Toyota’s chief engineer says that it is. The whole philosophy of Toyota has changed here. The car isn’t just about producing fast lap times. Toyota wanted to create something that was more about the driving experience. After all, that’s what many people want. We’re fed up with cars that are blazing fast but feel sterile. The Toyota, with its rear wheel drive certainly doesn’t.

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The GT 86 certainly differs in looks from the Toyotas you’d usually find at Toyota dealers. The car rejects the company’s practical design philosophy and looks very different to their other cars. For starters, the car has a low slung body, double rear exhausts, and a big exposed grille at the front. The car looks menacing and aggressive, as you might expect from a driving machine. For those who know their cars, the similarities between the GT 86 and Subaru’s BRZ are obvious. But whether this is an issue is down to your personal viewpoint. Some people might like the fact that there are two ways to get a great driving car, rather than just one.

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On the inside, the car is pretty much what you’d expect from a driver’s car. The seats are low, and the steering wheel is well-positioned in the cockpit. There are all the usual racing style dials, emphasizing the red line rev limit as you might expect. Remember, this car is all about the racing angle. Don’t expect it to look like a Mercedes CLS on the inside. This is about using the materials that enhance performance and the driving experience. It’s not about traveling in the height of luxury.

The fastest model of the car is the 2.0 liter 2 door D-4S version. It will go from 0.62 in around 7.6 seconds. That may not seem all that fast for a car that is supposedly about driving. But when you consider that the car costs about $35,000 to buy brand new, it’s acceptable.

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The final word on this car, though, is that it is all about the driving experience. And it’s good to see that Toyota is, as a company, thinking about this aspect of driving too. It shouldn’t all be about boot space all the time!

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