Final Edition Vipers Sold So Fast Dodge Will Make More

Final Edition Vipers Sold So Fast Dodge Will Make More

When the demand is high, you need to make sure you can supply. Dodge is learning this really quick with how fast their Vipers were being bought out.

Dodge Vipers have always been a very coveted name in the automotive industry, and they have always been collected by some of the most dedicated lot of car enthusiasts alive.

The automaker opened the itself up for everyone to order recently for its 25th anniversary 2017 Viper models, these will be some of the very last Viper models ever made and sold here in the United States. Just five days after they were made available they were able to sell all 206 cars that they had manufactured, and now Dodge has announced they will release a sixth-edition of the Viper’s last year of production.

Dodge Vipers1

So which Vipers were in greater demand than others?

The most popular and quickest to sell out was the 1:28 Edition ACR, every single one (28 total) was sold within the first 40 minutes of being available. They sold out quicker than most Rolling Stones concerts.

The 31 VooDoo II edition ACRs sold out in roughly two hours, making it the second most demanded Viper on the lot.

Next was the 25 Snakeskin and 100 GTS-R Commemorative Editions sold out in just two days after release. Last but not least was the 22 Dodge Dealer Editions, apparently they were too busy taking orders from customers to think about themselves. Dodge Dealers like Browning Dodge, are excited to hear about the high level of interest in the beloved Viper.

Chances are many of these editions will end up in the hands of mega collectors like Wayne and D’AnnRauh of Texas, who own a total of 79 Vipers. Yes, that is a lot of car muscle.

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